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by kreazea

Hi! I just wanted to say that this drawing is really good! Your a really nice artist! I really like their eyes! I'm not good at drawing...



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United States
Hi I'm Lydia91405 or Frost Bite (cuz dats my fursona). I'm 11 years old and I love to draw! I enjoy doing digital art, but'm just not very good at it. I'm pretty good with traditional art I draw cartoons. I like painting a lot too! I may post some paintings I have done. Also you should know that I use webkinz for some of my drawings! If you don't know what they are their stuffed animals with code inside the tag and when you get home you can go on the computer and login to webkinz and adopt your pet online, and you can play with a virtual version of the webkinz you got. It's a lot of fun sometimes. Well some of my hobbies are drawing, reading, and doing quieter things. I'm kinda shy and don't talk to people when I'm out of the house much. But when I'm at home, I'm a fricken weirdo :XD: I may post some stories on here. Idk yet but I might. So I think that thats good for now anyway you can see some of my other interests, that no one really cares about, in the Interests box..thing..down bellow.

If I had friends I would put them here: No one, Nobody, Invisible Person, Someone Who Doesn't Exist, Nobody Again.


Meeting The Members!~ Gift/Thank You
Hi! First off I just wanna say Thanks to :iconawkwardturtle329: for a drawing she did of my brand new OC Mara! Shes Marshall's half sister. Anyway, I thought I would draw this as a thank you! I LOVE the drawing she did its really awesome! She posted it on her status, so you should totally check it out! So, I drew Teak, and Foster (Her OCs) meeting Mara! It looks pretty good in my opinion. I'm getting better at using FireAlpaca! I drew Teak first, then Foster, and then Mara then after I finally finished them I got lazy and drew the worst background ever xD so, I hope you like it turtle I kinda spent about 2-3 hours on it, SO PLEASE, LIKE IT ;-; 

:iconstop-sign-plz:Please do not use without permission from owner. Only I and :iconawkwardturtle329: have permission of use.:iconstop-sign-plz:
Meet Mara~
Anyway, meet Mara! (Pronounced: M-air-uh) She is my Brand new Paw Patrol OC! She is actually only the first one I have a few more I need to make a ref for. So here's her Bio:

Name: Mara. 
Breed: Dalmatian.
Gender: Female.
Job: Well, uh none.

Catch Phrases: Again, none.

Appearance: White with black spots~ Her left ear has three spots on it,her left eye has a black spot on it with little dots curving sort of around her eye. On her right ear she just has four spots almost curving around the outside of her ear. Her right eye has a few spots curving around her eye again! The spots on her left eye that curve around her eye go on from there onto her fluffy chest. Her tail has a black spot on the end of it and three little spots under it. Also her collar is pink with a diamond on it, and she has a pink bow (the same color as the collar) on her left ear. She has light blue eyes that look a lot like the color of the diamond on her collar.

Uniform: NONE.

Pup Pack: What are you not getting about this?!?!?

Vehicle: *sign...* SHE DOESN'T GET A VEHICLE! 

Personality: Mara, is sweet and sassy. She is a total fashionista! She loves to get dressed up! Like I said before Mara is sweet, but sassy. She is sassy, and sometimes sarcastic. But she is really sweet, kind, and caring. She can be kinda harsh sometimes with the other pups. She sometimes expects a little too much from them. She is REALLY over protective of her friends and family. She would probably do anything to protect them, especially Marshall (In my cannon she and Marshall are siblings.) She is smart, but not like a super genus. But, just because she likes to get dressed up doesn't mean she hates getting filthy (I would have said dirty but, please read that sentence and put dirty there it sounds.....yeah) she also enjoys the ocean a lot! She swims all the time! She loves the beach in general! Even though the beach can be a bit messy sometimes......and she does other things that include her getting messy. She's also pretty friendly, and generous. She gives donates food money, and homes to people who don't have them. She also teases Marshall all time about his clumsiness!

Interests/Things She Likes: Swimming, Dressing Up, Playing Pup Pup Boogie, Going To The Beach, Seafood, and Teasing Marshall.

Fears: Be Buried Alive. If you were planting flowers and you dug a hole for the flower, she would scream and run away. It's not the hole shes afraid of it's being buried in it. (I'll explain in her backstory why shes afraid of being buried alive)

Alright when Mara was a pup she lived with her mother and father. They lived in an alley behind a gas station. It was always quiet, no one was ever around except them. She was a bit lonely sometimes, but she made do with what she had. They hadn't had a lot then. Most nights were cold and all they had in the ally was the old gas station food they throw out and some trash cans to sleep in. Her mother and father both decided that they needed more food, that week they hadn't had a lot. So her father was to go gather more food around from other places. Her father got some food, then brought it back to them he was going back to get more food from across the street, but when he crossed the road he didn't see the car coming. And the car couldn't stop in time. The car had hit him! Mara and her mother ran over to him and started crying. He didn't have a pulse. He was gone......Mara and her mother cried for a few days. But eventually. They ran out of food so Mara's mother was going to go get food. She told Mara to stay there and that she promised to be back soon. Her mother was getting some food, she (her mother) met someone. He had some food, so she asked him if she could have some to feed her daughter and herself. He gladly gave them some food. He happened to be a dalmatian! (Yeah I got lazy with writing. Yeah he just so happened to be a dalmatian....yeah) Anyway, he started showing up and bringing them more food and water. And eventually they fell in love. A little later they had Marshall! They decided that it would be best not to tell Marshall that him and Mara were actually half siblings. (IDK why they didn't just tell him. I mean he's gonna find out sometime!) But, one day her parents had left to get some food somewhere, and were gone for a long time! They said they would be back in an hour but they had been gone for 3 in a half hours! So Mara said she was going to go look for and that Marshall should stay there, she said she'd be back in a little while. So while looking for her parents she got lost. And couldn't find her way home. So, she just kept traveling until she found a city. (BTW the gas station was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I probably should have mentioned that earlier....) But, eventually she found Adventure Bay! Mara hadn't seen Marshall for a little over a year! Then she saw him and they met again for the first time in (like I said before) a little over a year! They were thrilled to see each other! And so basically Ryder asked Mara if she wanted if she wanted to stay with them at the look out and she accepted! What happened to Marshall you may ask? Well sense no one was with him at the time, and him only being a small pup someone actually came to the gas station and while he was their he saw Marshall in the alley alone. It was Ryder! He was on a trip with the pups and they had stopped for a little while. They picked him up offered him some food. And it had been about a month sense he had seen any of his family he didn't think they were coming he said yes. And became the Fire Pup! Their parents? No one really knows what happened to them. Oh, and the reason she's afraid of being buried alive? Well, when she was trying to find a city, or a town somewhere! She obviously had to have seen some cars! Right? Well, she was a bit afraid of humans, and cars she wasn't sure about them yet (She eventually got over that [well clearly I mean she does come to live with Ryder and the pups. Plus they all have vehicles, so I mean....] ) she wasn't sure what they might do to her if they found her so. She decided to "play dead" (she just pretended she was dead..) anyway when she was passed by some people they were really nice people. And hated to see a dead dog just lying in the road. So, the decided to bury it! (See where this is going...) They dug a small hole not a huge one. Then put (what they thought) was a dead corpse into the hole they started burying her alive! she quickly got scared and tried running away! She got away, then decided that "playing dead" probably wasn't a good idea anymore...

That's her/Marshall's backstory I guess.


Fun Facts! 
.Marshall and her are half siblings.
.She LOVES seafood! She just always has that's because Katy was eatting some fish (IDK what kind)
and she left when she came back Mara had eaten pretty much the whole thing.
.She has a diamond on her collar that matches her eyes.
.She may have a tiny crush on a certain pup. I'M NOT REVEALING WHO YET!
.She isn't a member of the Paw Patrol but she lives with them.
.She is TERRIFIED of being buried alive.
.She was really tiny when she was born, and its still really short xD
Diamond Dog On Fire~
Yeah, no exclamation on the title.......but, uh hi! This is a headshot of my new....wait for it.....OC!!!!!! This is my new Paw Patrol OC to be exact. I drew just the head for a reason and that's because I don't really wanna give away anything about her. I'm going to make a ref sheet for her soon. So, I wanted to make some Paw Patrol OCs. And I remembered awhile ago I drew a picture of just some random dalmatian, with a collar and and bow. I decided that I would make her one of my OCs! She is actually Marshall's sister. I decided that like 10 minutes ago...I just want to make one thing clear she is NOT going to be a member shes just going to live at the Look Out with the pups and Ryder. BTW I am aware that the background is super weird, I'm workin' on it! So that's about it...see ya'~ 
Art Trade!
Hey guys!! So this is my half an art trade with :iconjackaltheace: she already completed her half of my two Webkinz Signatures! She did an amazing job with both Sierra and Ghost! I love the drawing! I would put a link to it but I have no idea how ;-;
Anyway, she asked me to draw she Paw Patrol OCs from left to right Bear, Eliza, and Denali. If you wondering what they're saying here:

Bear: "Bow before me tiny minion!"
Denali: "She doesn't have to! Shes so short she already is!
Eliza:*thinking in her mind* Why do I put up with this crap?....

I had so much fun drawing this! This is actually my first art trade ever! And it was awesome! I really hope you all have an amazing day! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Jackal I hope you really like this!

:iconstop-sign-plz:Please do not use without permission from owner. Only I and :iconjackaltheace: have permission of use.:iconstop-sign-plz:
Art/Me (c)
Webkinz Art~Husky
Ah, heelo dA! Sorry I've been a little inactive lately! So, I drew this picture of my webkinz husky Snowy! I tried drawing more realistic this time! It looks pretty good in my opinion. There are definitely things I could improve on but it looks pretty good. That drawing took me about 20-30 minutes. Which is pretty surprising if I didn't know I (honestly) would have thought this took a lot longer! And I know the camera is horrible and I'm sorry about that, but I only have one camera and it isn't a great one (plus I've never really been very good at taking photos..which is strange because it's like the easiest thing in the world...) But, uh yeah! I always stay up way to's kinda my thing now well its only 2:02 AM I think I might be able to watch an episode of parks and rec or something...or maybe I'll sleep whichever :sleep: or :popcorn: 

:iconstop-sign-plz:Please do not use without permission of owner. Only I have permission of use:iconstop-sign-plz:
Hello! I'm sorry I don't post. I'm just gonna say that but....I will probably post at lest once maybe twice a month? Probably if I ever get around to it...anyway I just wanna say...I'm sorry bout' dat... I will try to just post whenever get back on track start actually posting my art. I have a lot, maybe I'll just post some of that. Anywaysssssss......Thank you for even clicking on this! :D No...but seriously I will start posting. I just didn't for awhile because 1 I don't have the time. 2. I got lazy when I had the time. 3. I wasn't in the mood to draw for awhile.... I'm really excited about posting again so! I have some work to do! And I will try to do more and more art. So first I might start off posting once or twice a month. Then I'll go to every couple weeks, to every couple days...and ya' get the idea!




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